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New for 2023 Gecko Heat Pumps -save up to 75% off your Swim Spa energy consumption. Federal tax credits may apply, see your tax account for details. 
Hydropool Heat Pumps
The perfect way to complete your Hot Tub Deal.
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Half Off through Jan. 2023

plug and play solution

Here comes Gecko’s new heat pump solution. Using our in.temp has never been so easy! Simply connect it to a Y series control that supports it and you’re good to go! Automatic detection, smart power management and no additional power circuit required, the in.temp powers directly from the spa control.

benefit from energy savings

Are you looking for the most energy efficient form of heating water? Our in.temp is the perfect solution! Air sourced heat pumps, will allow you to save up to 75% energy consumption in comparison with electric elements. The icing on the cake: Gecko’s in.temp also uses an eco-friendly refrigerant (R32 and R410A).

total flexibility / various modes

With in.temp, you can choose one of its six modes of operation that suits you the best: Eco Heat, Smart Heat, Eco Auto, Smart Auto, Cool and Electric! No matter the weather, your spa will always be at the perfect temperature. Smart modes let you take full advantage of your in.temp to optimize your savings.

Heat Pump energy savings
Titanium heat exchanger The advanced titanium heat exchanger guarantees a longer life span, free of corrosion. It can be used with all types of water treatment including chlorine, iodine, bromine and salt water
Hydropool Top Side Control runs Heat Pump
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