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Modern, Green, Swim in Place Pools

Learn Why Hydropool Swim Spas are the fastest growing brand in the World

Regular $5,999, purchased with any Swim Spa!
Now $3,999
Heat Pumps, new for 2023, save up to 75% off your Swim Spa utility bills. 
Designer Backyard Living Hydropool Swim Spas
13 Family Fun Pool
Swim Spas $18,999-$59,999
After $10,000 Rebate
HP20-2021 14AX AquaSport Swim Spa 1300x1
When you purchase and Hydropool Swim Spa upgrade to a Covana Cover for only $15,999*., if purchased later $17,999 after a $2,000 Rebate! 

*promo not on the 13FFP, Covana cover on this unit is $17,999.00
2020 16ft Executive Trainer Swim Spa 130
HP20-2021 17AX AquaTrainer Swim Spa 1300
19 EX
2020 19ft Executive Trainer Swim Spa 200
2020 19DTfX AquaTrainer Swim Spa 1300x13
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